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Patricia Santiago

Award Announcement: St Joseph’s Health Centre Haemodialysis Renovation and Expansion

General | Operational Readiness

Toronto Ontario Canada – June 27, 2017.  St Joseph’s Health Centre has awarded the Haemodialysis operational readiness component of the renovation and expansion project to The Readiness Group Inc. The purpose of the Operational Readiness Consulting Services is to assist the client organization to successfully transition through capital development activities while experiencing the lowest possible […]

John Sorrell

Award Announcement: CAMH PHASE 1C – Equipment Inventory, Toronto Ontario Canada

Equipment Inventory | General | Medical Equipment Inventory

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), in association with PCL Constructors Canada Inc and Stantec Consulting Ltd, has selected The Readiness Group Inc to conduct an equipment inventory of the primary campus and satellite sites. This comprehensive equipment survey will include clinical and non-clinical assets with counts expected above 10,000 items.  Results of […]