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ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Colliers Project Leaders Acquires The Readiness Group

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The Readiness Group is pleased to announce that the firm has been acquired by Colliers Project Leaders. As part of the acquisition, staff members of our firm have been strategically repositioned within Colliers Project Leaders (Colliers).

In August 2020, John Sorrell took a leadership role as Managing Director of the Furniture, Equipment and Move Readiness (FEMR) business unit within Colliers. The FEMR team is the Canadian market leader in providing equipment and furniture planning services for healthcare facilities. Robert Rankin has assumed an assistant project manager position within the FEMR team with a focus on equipment surveys and move readiness.

Patricia Santiago will be assuming a Principal role within a new and soon to be announced Colliers business unit. For the next few weeks, Patricia will oversee the closing of all remaining projects at The Readiness Group and will be joining the Colliers team in late November 2020.

Over the past 10 years The Readiness Group has become a widely known and trusted partner in the Canadian Capital Redevelopment space. We thank all our clients, advisors, and partner firms for helping us providing successful services to the marketplace.

About The Readiness Group Inc.

The Readiness Group Inc. is a leading firm in hospital activations, relocations, and decommissioning where large capital development projects are occurring. The firm represents the next generation of leadership for operational commissioning and transition services with a commitment to client success.

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