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Advancing Operational Readiness by Incorporating Design Understanding

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Dot to Dot Consulting Group, a leading provider of transition planning for capital development projects in healthcare, is promoting a better understanding of design as part of their operational readiness services. Operational readiness is the end state of transition planning and represents the successful merging of physical space with functional care activities.  Awareness of design factors can help to identify needed improvements earlier in the process or alternative layouts that avoid costly change requests.

To this end, Dot to Dot welcomes a new associate, Vanathy Ganesharajah, a graduate of architecture and design, to their team.  Having worked with designers, architects, and engineers, Vanathy brings a strong understanding of the design and construction process.  “It’s important for users to understand how design decisions affect their operations in their new environments,” Ms. Ganesharajah said, “we want to enable hospital staff to maximize the value of predetermined designs in order to avoid late or unnecessary change orders that drive up costs.”

“Recognizing that design can be leveraged as a key enabler to improve operational practices, Dot to Dot is able to offer the most effective operational readiness and transition plans to our clients,” said Patricia Santiago, Principal at Dot to Dot Consulting Group. “We are pleased to continue to advance the field of transition planning by incorporating design principles when considering how space and form can fully support program requirements.”


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