Our Associates

Patricia Santiago

Patricia Santiago BA (Hons.) MES, PMP

Principal Consultant, Director

With over 18-years of progressive healthcare experience, Patricia has led projects in hospital senior executive teams, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and private sector project management companies. In the Healthcare sector Patricia is widely recognized as the “go to” person to ensure that Transition, Occupancy and Move Management in healthcare capital projects are achieve on-time and on-budget. Patricia has been a catalyst of change with policy development, capital planning, and hospital operations providing her with an “insider” perspective. She offers strategic operational management advice and strong project management expertise throughout various stages of a redevelopment project. This has garnered success in the management of a number of multi-million dollar hospital capital redevelopment projects across Canada.

Areas of Expertise: transition planning | decommissioning | relocation planning and oversight | strategic planning | project management | user group facilitation | AFP funding model compliance

John Sorrell

John Sorrell BA (Hons.) MES, PMC-II

Managing Director

John is responsible for the delivery of all healthcare Transition Services (i.e., equipment inventory surveys, hospital relocation events, make-safe repairs, out-of-contract equipment deployment, hospital closures and decommissioning). Customer focus includes hospitals, large laboratories, and ProjectCo construction partnership. John is an expat from the information management software industry and is evolving the delivery of healthcare transition services by enhancing the use of information management in service-based projects.

John leads all hospital relocation and decommissioning offerings at The Readiness Group Inc.

Areas of Expertise: healthcare relocations | equipment decommissioning | inventory analysis and management | asset value liquidation | make-safe repairs | performance management | information management | dashboard reporting | vendor management | project planning | project scheduling

Alison Gilmore

Alison Gilmore RN, BScN, MN, PNC (C)


Alison is an accomplished healthcare leader in Women’s and Infants’ health programs.  Alison is a registered nurse with over 27 years in healthcare. Over this time, various positions, in various organizations, have been held from staff nurse to director-level appointment.  This has provide Alison with a vast breath of experience.  Working as a senior manager for the last 17 years, Alison has experience in relocation, program expansions,new training initiatives, staff schedule management, launching new medical services. Alison was also seconded to the Ministry of Health to develop a best practices toolkit for nursing human resources.

Areas of Expertise: healthcare operations | staff scheduling | nursing best-practices | critical care | new services in healthcare | transition planning | functional programming | user group facilitation | staff training | budget management

Deborah Exelby

Deborah Exelby BSc, MBA, PMP, ABCP


Deborah is a highly organized, versatile and motivated health care professional, experienced at engaging and managing a wide variety of projects and stakeholders. Her 35 years of clinical practice and health operations management experience has enabled her to lead health system implementation and capital commissioning projects. Deborah’s large scale hospital operational and clinical commissioning projects include: Royal Jubilee Patient Care Centre; Interior Heart and Surgical Centre; and North Island Hospitals Project. Deborah has proven her effectiveness at identification and facilitation of deliverables, consensus building and project delivery within the health, provincial and municipal sectors, with a record of on-time, on-budget project completion that meets the client’s specifications and exceeds expectations. She is a life-long learner committed to best practice standards in project management

Areas of Expertise: health sector operational commissioning | learning & performance support | work flow mapping | emergency response and business continuity planning | project management | working group engagement & facilitation | work flow mapping | acute & critical care

Tish Smith

Tish Smith BSCN


A registered nurse with over 35 years proven clinical leadership and project experience. Tish embraces collaboration, communication, & change leadership that is patient-focused while bringing a positive attitude and passion to the design and commissioning of healthcare facilities. Her expertise leading diverse teams through evidenced-based design and transition into new facilities has been recognized as innovative and resulting in extremely successful outcomes in all projects that she has managed. Recent large design/build & P3 projects have included: Royal Inland Patient Care Tower; North Island Hospitals; Interior Heart & Surgical Centre; Kelowna/Vernon Hospitals; South Health Campus as well as several smaller redevelopment projects within IHA.

Areas of Expertise: evidenced-based design | applied LEAN principals | clinical commissioning | learning & performance support | change leadership | project management | work flow mapping

Robert Rankin

Robert Rankin B.A.

Team Lead, Transition Services

Robert has 16 years’ experience working in the healthcare sector. His breadth of experience in hospitals has given him an operational appreciation of how to best work within an active hospital. His experience in medical equipment inventory, relocations, NIC equipment deployment and space decanting work leverages his extensive background in healthcare.  Robert is a site lead for projects with multiple team members deployed.

Areas of Expertise: physical asset inventory | equipment deployment | IPAC cleaning & packing protocols | relocation events | equipment decommissioning | asset value liquidation | team leadership | project management

Alan Lebaron

Alan Lebaron BA

Associate Consultant - Construction

Alan Lebaron is a highly experienced site supervisor for construction and renovation projects. His extensive experience in construction strongly supports projects in healthcare renovations, make-safe assessments, relocations and decommissioning. Alan oversees multiple trades and vendors who are working concurrently to ensure the needed permits are in-place, IPAC standards upheld and all deficiencies addressed to achieve sign-off. Alan has been pivotal in many hospital equipment decommissioning, relocation and renovation projects across Southern Ontario.

Areas of Expertise: construction & renovation projects | make-safe assessment | trades supervision | demolition | equipment install/removals | floor layouts | equipment inventiory | equipment decommissioning

Based on my experience with the principals of The Readiness Group, I can confirm that their ability to engage stakeholders is above par ...
Lloyd Hilgers
Senior Principal
Stantec Architecture Limited