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Equipment Services: A return to Michael Garron Hospital to support the Phase 1 New Patient Care Tower Project, Toronto Ontario Canada

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The Readiness Group is returning to Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) to conduct a Phase II validation of the inventory of existing equipment and furniture. This equipment survey will include clinical and non-clinical assets with counts expected above 11,000 items.

Working carefully with Ellis Don and the redevelopment staff at MGH, the survey team will be observing new COVID-19 IPAC protocols as they move throughout the hospital.

The results of the survey will immediately be used to finalize procurement activities and support transition planning as the construction project advances toward opening the additional 550,000 square feet of new space. Construction on the new patient care tower at Michael Garron Hospital is expected to be completed in fall 2023.

The Readiness Group is the premier provider of equipment and furniture inventory services for the Canadian healthcare sector. For more information please contact us directly.

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