Decommissioning Services for Hospitals

Inventory, Liquidation, Decanting and Make-Safe

Capital redevelopment projects have legacy sites and ancillary buildings that must be vacated for new occupants or cleared for demolition. There are time, safety and environment pressures to properly record and remove non-fixed assets from active status. Our decommissioning service is specific to healthcare facilities, considers their unique operational dynamics, equipment attributes and management expectations.

Our decommissioning service can include a fully staffed onsite team assigned to conduct the majority of work. Typically, our teams will: conduct an initial site investigation, develop a site-specific plan, perform asset decommissioning activities to inventory, consolidate, liquidate and remove surplus assets. Our asset decommissioning service is cost-effective, agile and gets targeted assets repurposed to meet the priorities of the client (e.g., resale revenue, donations, diverted from local landfill).


  • INVENTORY: thorough asset tagging and inventory verification mixed with staff interviews and reconcilation with exisitng asset inventories allows for an informed data-driven approach
  • LIQUIDATION: apply a mix of asset liquation methods (e.g., online auction, site sales, staff programs) to quickly liqudate the remaining value from surplus furnitire and equipment so resale revenue can be applied to redevelopment purposes
  • REALLOCATE: remaining equipment and furniture are consolidated and cleared from the property based on disposition assignments allowing for final space cleaning and building hand-over


  • REVENUE: a mix of surplus vendor, staff and community liquation activities generates revenue that would otherwise be lost and is returned to the client organization
  • COMMUNITY: a strong partnership approach will engage local not-for-profits and redirect surplus inventory to them to maximize benefits to the local community
  • HANDOVER: planned and delivered on-time so our clients can safely vacate their legacy building and focus on transitioning into their new space

The Readiness Group provides cost-effective and turn-key equipment decommissioning services. To learn more, download one of our whitepapers and Contact Us directly.

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    A Hospital Equipment Decommissioning Process – 10 Points
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“Halton Healthcare has used the transition services of The Readiness Group (TRG) twice and were very satisfied with their work. They were an integral part of our team to deliver on two successful DBFM projects.”
Larry Rook
Director - Redevelopment
Halton Healthcare