The Readiness Group is the leading Canadian equipment and furniture inventory survey service for hospitals. See our News section to review some of our projects.

We provide an accurate and up-to-date baseline for your existing hospital equipment. This data is used to drive capital planning & budgetting, new construction, renovations and facility closings. Capital development projects typically require current FF&E inventory records to finalize equipment procurement orders, relocation move-lists and asset decommissioning plans.

We use mobile tablet devices, barcode scanning and cloud-based technology to drive fast and accurate equipment inventory processes. Our teams are experienced in the identification of hospital assets and conduct themselves in a manner as not to disrupt hospital staff.

The Readiness Group has core expertise in data management to ensure your final product observes rules of standardization, reduced errors of omission and record detail so you can use your hospital equipment information with confidence.


Specialists use advanced mobile and secure cloud-based technology
Inventory reports and fully detailed spreadsheet files for use in any application
Performance dashboards convey the status of your inventory survey project



  • DETAILED: We customize data tables to the client's specific needs. Information such as room number, department, manufacturer, model and serial number, condition assessment and dimensions are all recorded. We tailor our data schemas to cover almost all possible downstream uses.
  • MEDIA: High quality photos are captured, automatically referred to a secure URL and included in your data tables for easy use. No separate picture files to manage and the URLs are easily embedded into reports or export CSV files; and,
  • REPORTING: Our web-based performance dashboards allow the client to track the team's progress, rate of collection, current location and more. Electronic inventory reports and data export for easy data manipulation and hardcopy reports are available on-demand.


  • AWARENESS: Ensure all your capital projects are working with an accurate representation of your current equipment inventory. Avoid costly errors that can cascade through your organization, reduce lack of compliance situations or opportunities to depreciate asset value;
  • REVENUE RECOVERY: Recover capital through the identification, sale and liquidation of the remaining value in your surplus equipment; and,
  • SAFETY: A reconciliation of physical assets and their condition back to a master asset ledger can help determine which assets are eligible for replacement and removal thereby reducing risk to patients and staff.

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“The dashboards and other reporting tools provide the necessary information to keep all level of hospital staff informed. TRG and team know what to do and get the job done in a professional manner.”
Larry Rook
Director, Redevelopment
Halton Healthcare