John Sorrell

Post-Move: Space Decanting and Equipment Decommissioning at the Milton District Hospital

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Toronto ON – Milton ON, Canada

In Dec 2017, The Readiness Group completed the Space Decanting and Equipment Decommissioning project at the Milton District Hospital (MDH). As a needed “post-move” component of the Tower Expansion project, The Readiness Group decommissioned 9 departments and many smaller program groups. This work involved the removal of remaining items in departments that vacated their legacy space, liquidating the value of high-demand surplus assets, repurposing surplus equipment for continued use, removal of larger built-in apparatus and the relocation of equipment within MDH departments and across to other hospitals in the Halton Healthcare network. Working with various contractors, The Readiness Group also identified “make-safe” repairs and space remediation needs created from vacating departments.

Often overlooked, space expansion capital development projects within hospitals have post-move requirements. Halton Healthcare’s redevelopment team identified this need early in their redevelopment planning and appreciated the various opportunities a structured space decanting effort will create.

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The Readiness Group Inc. is a leading firm in hospital activations, relocations and equipment decommissioning when healthcare organizations are engaged in capital development projects. The firm represents the next generation of leadership for operational commissioning and transition services.

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